What services are available?

All memorial or months mind mass will be posted on www.familynotice.ie and broadcast on-air each day.

How long does a post stay on the website?

Each notification will remain on our site for seven days.

What times are the notices read on Midwest Radio during the day?

After the Angelus at 12noon and again at 6pm daily, for the two days immediately prior to the Mass. (e.g. Mass on Friday, notices read out Wednesday & Thursday).

How much does the service cost?

The cost of the service is €30. This includes Mass details, prayer, poem or acknowledgements, and photograph of the deceased. These will be produced on the website and read out on air from Monday September 4th (Introductory offer applies until August).

Who can contact station to use the service?

Family members of the deceased who would like the memorial mass or months mind reproduced by Midwest Radio are welcome to get in touch.