Eileen Newman, 
Westview, Cloonfad and formerly of Killathurley, Swinford and Manchester.

Months Mind Mass on Sunday 11th July in St. Patrick’s Church, Cloonfad at 10.30am.

A light went out on Earth for us,  
The day we said goodbye, 
And on that day a star was born, 
The brightest in the sky. 

God called your name so softly, 
That only you could hear, 
And no one heard the footsteps,  
Of Angels drawing near. 

The Golden Gates stood open, 
God saw you needed rest, 
His garden must be beautiful, 
He only takes the best. 

If tears could build a stairway, 
And memories a lane, 
We’d walk right up to Heaven, 
And bring you back again. 

Please don’t be unhappy, 
Just Because I’m out of sight, 
Remember that I’m with you, 
Every morning noon and night.