William Costello, Thomastown, Belclare, Tuam, Co Galway.

Month’s Mind Mass this Thursday in the Sacred Heart Church, Belclare at 7.30pm. 


No sacrifice would be too great,
No price too high to pay,
If only we could see you again,
If only for a day.

When last we looked upon your face,
We tried hard not to cry,
Instead, we bent over you,
And whispered you goodbye.

Our memories Dad
will never grow old,
They are locked in our hearts in 
letters of gold,
Death cannot part us
nor distance divide,
For each of our lives
you are by our side.

We thank you God
and will always be glad,
For a better father
this world has never had,
If we follow in his footsteps we can 
never go wrong.

We can never forget him,
we don’t even try,
We just miss him more,
as time goes by.